1. Sexy Flail Family

    Played a few shows with Rail Yard Ghosts and fell in love with them and have been traveling with them for the past 2 weeks. We separated the other day when I had to go to Reading for Fishstock (which was awesome!) and they went up to Liverpool. I’m getting a bus up there tomorrow to rejoin them for a while. Then I have Bristol Anarchist Bookfair aftershow next weekend and they go off to mainland Europe. The following weekend I have 0161 Fest in Manchester which is looking to be amazing! Then I’m hoping to go catch up with RYGs in Europe and travel with them until they go back to America hopefully. They’re some of the greatest people I’ve met and I feel really at home with them. So yeah, that’s a bit of what I’ve been up to/what I have planned.


  2. restlesspunk:

    Well I’ve basically ended up with 15 songs to record for this album… woops… just need to finish off 3 of them. Then I’ll do the lo-fi portable voice recorder recordings. Trying to decide whether to just record in a normal room or record in different locations when traveling around… like find cool…


  3. Upcoming Shows

    Got these shows coming up:

    6th April - Red & Black Umbrella, CARDIFF: http://redandblackumbrella.squat.net/?p=970

    7th April - Houseshow, SWANSEA: https://www.facebook.com/events/246534508862501/?fref=ts

    9th April - The Red Lion, BRISTOL: https://www.facebook.com/events/418653071599894/?fref=ts


  4. here’s a real sloppy demo of my cheesy cliche folk hitch-hiking song that I finished writing today. The chorus was written whilst standing by the side of the road in the rain trying to hitch-hike.


  5. I’M SORRY EVERYONE. I went there.


  6. restlesspunk:

    Can’t decide whether to try and make my own perfect backpack or if that’s more trouble than it’s worth… I’d want it to close with a drawstring and then have a flap over to top. Maybe a couple of side-pockets and some straps to attach roll mat on the top. Capacity enough to fit my sleeping bag, poncho shelter, change of clothes, small cook set, a book, maybe a few other bits n bobs.  Anyone have any guides or advice on this?

  7. restlesspunk:

    Lightweight alpha tent! AKA army surplus poncho and old tent poles. Got fed up of lugging my normal tent around. More often than not we find people are willing to have us stay in their house or squat or whatever or the weather is good enough to sleep under the stars. This is more practical to carry round and use when we’re sleeping out and there’s a chance of rain.


  8. ashvictim:

    put up another recording from when we were squatting in the mountains outside Barcelona.


  9. put up another recording from when we were squatting in the mountains outside Barcelona.


  10. restlesspunk:

    Yay I think I finished this song. I’m starting to be able to write songs faster than I used to :) Used to take me ages… like weeks at least… I think I might be trying a little harder as well… it’s literally all I’ve focused on today other than watching an episode of Bob’s Burgers and reading a bit of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.

    ^ This is my more casual tumblr. The one where I post less important music stuff, whine about shit and reblog stuff.


  11. I’m tempted to record an album solo with my dictaphone because I’m kinda enjoying recording that way more and liking the way it sounds. Then I’d release a multi-tracked album with Buskin’ Punx Orchestra folks on it at a later date…
    I might even do a few older songs from the Just Another Plea For A Better Tomorrow EP just so that there’s some stripped-down versions of them and I’d like to adjust a few things in them… I’ve done a couple of covers over the past couples days with my dictaphone and I like how they’ve come out. You can hear them on my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ashvictim


  12. Today I gone done a Mountain Goats cover…


  13. this is gonna be sick! <3



    It’d probably be cool to get some more shows it April. Anywhere in the UK pretty much… Please? https://www.facebook.com/events/742548075770552/?fref=ts


  15. ashvictim:

    I figured I probably couldn’t do it much worse than Stza acoustic…